Student CPR Overview

Student CPR is a mission-based program dedicated to training students to be confident, knowledgeable responders. This is accomplished through offering a high-quality program that is flexible enough to adapt to unique classroom situations and is offered at no cost to the school or student.

Educators start by sending students through a paramedic-led video course. Students are able to train in a controlled group setting or individually at their own pace, during school hours, or as a homework assignment.

Schools may choose between an awareness-level and a certification-level implementation. At the awareness level, Student CPR may be 100% online or include informal hands-on practice with manikins. If offering a certification-level course, school educators become certified skill evaluators and complete a formal practical session with students, who then receive 2-year certification cards.

Girl using a laptop

Educators are provided the tools to monitor the online CPR course as an assignment. Teachers and administrators can view completion and test scores and even order cards all from a single online dashboard.

Training of skill evaluators, training on the system, and follow-up service are all included so that implementation is fast and easy. This program is completely free. The only possible expense results from the addition of the hands-on component. More details are available in the Instructor Training Implementation section.