Frequently Asked Questions

There is approximately one hour of video and 30 minutes of pre-testing and final testing questions.

Hands-on components take approximately 20-30 minutes per student group. A student group varies by number of manikins available. For example, an evaluator with five adult manikins would be able to test five students simultaneously in the skill.

There are approximately four hours of video training and testing. However, educators are able to skip to the testing portion of the course if they are already familiar with CPR.

The online course is followed by a two-hour hands-on evaluation conducted via video conference.

The Student CPR program provides the training for the students, evaluator training for the teachers, CPR cards, and other teaching materials at NO COST.

Organizations are responsible for obtaining their own manikins. In addition, the advanced courses for students and staff training have a per-card cost.

The Student CPR certification course requires:

  • Adult manikin
  • Infant manikin
  • AED trainer
  • Lungs/personal protective equipment.
This set is currently $339. Skill evaluator training requires the addition of a bag valve mask. Items can also be purchased individually for schools needing only pieces of the set. See full price lists

The Student CPR program strictly adheres to the American Heart Association guidelines, though it does not issue an American Heart card. The Student CPR program issues equivalent cards from ProTrainings, a professional health and safety training company.

Educators will find little or no difference in curriculum content. ProTrainings courses fulfill state requirements for school curriculum and cards are valid for 2 years to meet workplace requirements for students and staff.

All students, high-school aged or younger, are able to use the Student CPR program. However, students age 12 and under must have signed permission forms as required by COPPA regulations.

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